How to get there

How to reach Rome

Arriving by air

There are two main airports in Rome: Rome Fiumicino (Leonardo Da Vinci) international airport and Rome Ciampino (G.B. Pastine) low cost airport. Both are located outside the city, about 45 min away from the city centre, but they are conveniently linked to the city centre and its surrounding.

“Leonardo da Vinci” International Airport , located at Fiumicino, is 30 km away in the South area from the centre of Rome, which can be easily reached by public transportation and/or by taxi (

Transportation between Fiumicino Airport and Rome:

  • By train - From Fiumicino airport, quickly reach the centre of Rome by Trenitalia rail services. From the train station, located inside the airport close to the arrival and departure Terminal, you can reach the city centre with plenty of frequent connections:
    • The Leonardo Express, non-stop service devoted exclusively to airport passengers, to/from Roma Termini with departures every 30 minutes and a journey time of 32 minutes
    • The FL1 rail line regional trains to/from other stations in Rome, including Rome Tiburtina. Stops in different areas of the city among which Roma Trastevere. Departures every 15 minutes on weekdays and every 30 on public holidays; journey time 30 minutes.
  • By bus - different bus lines connect the Fiumicino Airport (domestic and international arrivals) with the city center; the journey takes approximately one hour: COTRAL (bus stop at Terminal 2; for Roma Termini Station, Roma Tiburtina Station, Cornelia Station of Metro Line A, Eur-Magliana station of Metro); TERRAVISION (bus stop at Terminal 3 - bus stall n. 3; for Roma Termini Station); SIT BUS SHUTTLE (bus stop at terminal 3 - bus stall n. 1; for Roma Termini Station, Vaticano, Via Crescenzio n. 2); T.A.M. S.r.l. (bus stop at terminal 3 - bus stall n. 2; for Roma Ostiense Station, Roma Termini Station); ATRAL-SCHIAFFINI (bus stop at terminal 3 - bus stall n. 1; for Roma Termini Station)
  • By taxi - At Terminals 1, 2, 3 and 5 of the airport there is available a taxi service to Rome city center (Time: about 40 minutes). Note: use only white cabs with taxi sign on car roof (beware of unauthorized soliciting)

“G. B. Pastine” International Airport, located at Ciampino, is in the South-East area of Rome, about 15 km from the “Grande Raccordo Anulare”  (

Transportation between Ciampino Airport and Rome:

  • By train - The nearest railway station to "Giovan Battista Pastine" airport isCiampino Città”, connected to the airport by the buses COTRAL/SCHIAFFINI every 30 minutes (traveling time about 5 minutes). The FL4 rail line regional train connect Ciampino Città Station with Roma Termini Station (journey time 16 minutes).
  • By bus - The city center can be reached by means of different bus lines; daily connections between the airport and Roma Termini Station are guaranteed by the bus services operated by ATRAL, COTRAL, SIT, TERRAVISION, SCHIAFFINI. The buses are parked in dedicated bus bays opposite International Departures.
  • By taxi - At Ciampino airport, near the exit, there is a taxi service to Rome (Time: about 30 minutes). Note: use only white cabs with taxi sign on car roof (beware of unauthorized soliciting)

As of October 1st, 2006 the fixed rates for taxis from the airports to the city centre of Rome are as follows:

  • From Fiumicino airport to Rome (within the Aurelian Walls): 48 €
  • From Fiumicino airport to Tiburtina Station: 55 €
  • From Fiumicino airport to Ostiense Station: 45 €
  • From Ciampino airport to Rome (within the Aurelian Walls): 30 €
  • From Ciampino airport to Tiburtina Station: 35 €
  • From Ciampino airport to Tiburtina Station: 30 €

Taxi fares and main taxi ranks

Arriving by train

Excellent Intercity service links Rome to the main Italian cities as well as every major town in Europe.

Main train stations in Rome:

  • Termini Station (Piazza dei Cinquecento 53): the main railway station located right in the centre of the city; central hub of public transport in Rome for both buses and Metro subways (A and B), provides swift service to and from all points in the Country (
  • Tiburtina Station (Piazzale della Stazione Tiburtina): in the same complex is located the station of the Metro subway Line B and the square acts as a terminal for several bus lines connecting with the city center.

Other useful train stations:

  • Roma Trastevere (Piazza Flavio Biondo)
  • Roma Tuscolana (Via della Stazione Tuscolana)
  • Roma Ostiense (Piazzale dei Partigiani 1)
  • Roma San Pietro (Piazza della Stazione San Pietro 4)

For more information and train timetable:;

Arriving by road

Rome can be easily reached by road from the motorway network “Autostrada del Sole – A1”, the longest Italian motorway going from the North to the South of the Country. Coming from the east coast (Adriatic coast), the motorway A24 can be used. Coming from the west coast (Civitavecchia), the motorway A12 can be used. All motorways cross the “Grande Raccordo Anulare”, on which they are then all the exits for the city center and the suburbs of Rome.

Route Planner of the Roma Public System Authority


How to reach the EATALY Congress Center

Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492, 00154 Rome

The EATALY Congress Centre is located right next to the Roma Ostiense Station (Piazzale dei Partigiani 1), that can be easily reached by many public transportation services:

  • Metro Line B – get off at the Piramide station (Piazzale Ostiense), departures every 8 minutes
  • Metropolitan railway FL1 (Orte - Fiumicino Airport), FR5 (Civitavecchia - Roma) or FR3 (Roma - Viterbo) arriving at the Roma Ostiense Station
  • Bus – several bus lines stop at the Roma Ostiense station: 175 (from Roma Termini), 30EX, 80EX, 83, 271, 280, 719, 715, 769

How to reach the ENEA Casaccia Research Centre

Via Anguillarese 301, 00123 Rome

Note: A shuttle service for transport from Rome to ENEA C.R. Casaccia on 15th October morning and transport from ENEA C.R. Casaccia to Rome or to Fiumicino Airport on 15th October at the end of the Conference is included in the registration fees.

The ENEA Casaccia Research Center is 30 km far from Rome, in locality Osteria Nuova at km 2 of Provincial Road Anguillarese, about 10 km far from Cesano. Many transportation options allow you to get there.

  • Metropolitan railway FL3 for Cesano - every 15 minutes
  • Urban bus 024 – for the Stazione di Cesano (Cesano Station) or ASL Casaccia - Approximately every 25 minutes. Warning: At the Cesano station, the bus stop sign is shared by buses of both the directions; make attention and ask the driver, in order to avoid to take the bus directed to Cesano city rather than to ASL Casaccia
  • Urban bus 030 – from the Stazione Olgiata to Osteria Nuova (Casaccia) - Approximately every 30 minutes
  • Extra-urban bus service Cotral - Connections with Roma (Saxa Rubra), Anguillara, Trevignano -The bus stops are close to the Casaccia BNL bank. Timetables on the Cotral website

By train from Rome
Metropolitan railway FL3 to Cesano, Bracciano and Viterbo (departures from Roma Ostiense and Roma Trastevere every 15 minutes, get off at Cesano station) and ENEA's shuttle (departures from the Cesano station every 30 minutes).

From the Fiumicino airport
Metropolitan railway FL1 from Fiumicino to Fara Sabina, get off in Roma Trastevere (departures every 15 minutes); then Metropolitan railway FL3 from Roma Trastevere to Cesano, Bracciano or Viterbo, get off in Cesano (departures every 15 minutes) and Enea’s shuttel (departures from the Cesano station every 30 minutes).

From the Ciampino airport
MeBus Atral from Ciampino airport to Anagnina metro station (departures every 20 minutes); then Metro A from Anagnina to Valle Aurelia railway station (departures every 5 minutes); then Metropolitan railway FM3 from Valle Aurelia station to Olgiata station or Cesano station (departures every 15 minutes) and ENEA's shuttle (departures from the Olgiata station every 15 minutes and from the Cesano station every 30 minutes).

For the FM3 and FM1 train timetable, please refer to the Trenitalia website