Scientific Program

12nd October 2014 (Rome, EATALY Congress Center)

h.   18:00 -  20:00  – Registration with Welcome Cocktail


13rd October 2014 (Rome, EATALY Congress Center)

h.   8:00 -  9:00    – Registration

h.   9:00 -  9:30    – Conference opening/introduction

h.   9:30 - 11:10   Session 1A “Development of Standardized Tools”

Chairs: I. Castanheira (INSA, Portugal – IMEKO TC23 Chairperson), M. Iannetta (Head of ENEA-UTAGRI, Italy)

  • Keynote Lecture KL01 – E. Anklam (Director of the EU JRC Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements - IRMM, Belgium) - Standardized scientific tools for food safety and quality control to protect trade and European consumers 
  • OC01 - J. Marques Rodrigues (INMETRO, Brasil) - Feasibility study for development of candidate reference material for chloramphenicol in milk powder: preparation and homogeneity testing
  • OC02 - A Shehata (NIS, Egypt) - Preparation of Matrix Reference Materials From Milk Powder and Infant Formula Certified for Vitamins A and E
  • OC03 - C. Zoani (ENEA UTAGRI, Italy) - Development of innovative Reference Materials for the agrofood sector
  • OC04 - F. Rolle (INRIM, Italy) - Moisture determination in food samples

h. 11:10 - 11:30   – Coffee Break

h. 11:30 - 13:30   – Session 1B “Development of Standardized Tools”

Chairs: J. Marques Rodrigues (INMETRO, Brasil), F. Loreto (Head of CNR-DISBA, Italy)

  • Invited Lecture IL01– F. Ulberth (Head of the Standards for Food Bioscience Unit - EU-JRC IRMM, Belgium) - Currently available measurement systems for food control
  • OC05 - L. Monaci (CNR ISPA, Italy) - Next generation MS based methods applied to the multi allergen screening in foods
  • OC06 - M.G. Giuffrida (CNR ISPA, Italy) - Hidden allergen labelling and food metrology: a chance to solve the problem
  • OC07 - F. Cubadda (ISS, Italy) – Analytical determination of inorganic arsenic in food: from research to legislation
  • OC08 - A. Colabucci (EU RL-CEFAO/ISS, Italy) - Development of a method for the determination  of Cadmium and Lead in honey by Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
  • OC09 - S. Matteoli (University of Pisa, Italy) - A new approach for non-destructive measurement of quality and maturity parameters of peach fruits

h. 13:30               – Lunch

                            – Poster Session

h. 15:00 - 16:20   – Session 1C “Milk”

Chairs: S. Orlandini (AIA-LSL, Italy), Y. Roupioz (CEA CREAB, France)

  • Invited Lecture IL02 – H. van den Bijgaart (IDF - Chair ISO/TC34/SC5 Milk and Milk Products, the Netherlands) - Some Actual Challenges with Global Equivalence  in the Analysis of Milk and Milk Products
  • OC10 - N. Ogrinc (Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia) - Elemental composition and stable isotope techniques used to trace milk and dairy products
  • OC11 - A. Motie (AGES, Austria) - Analytical Differentiation of the Geographical Origin of Milk Samples by their Fatty Acid Composition
  • OC12 - F. Camin (FEM, Italy) - Validation of methods for H, C, N and S stable isotopes and elemental analysis of cheese: results of an international collaborative study

h. 16:20 - 16:40   – Coffee Break

h. 16:40 - 17:00   – Special Lecture

  • SL01 - M. Tsimidou (AUTH, Greece) - COST Action FA1101 SaffronOmics (Omics technologies for crop improvement, traceability, determination of authenticity, adulteration and origin in saffron): From goals to achievements

h. 17:00 - 18:20   – Session 1D “Olive oil”

Chairs: L. Conte (University of Udine, Italy), M. Tsimidou (AUTH, Greece)

  • Invited Lecture IL03 – A. Giomo (Member of IOC commissions for the development of the sensory method of virgin olive oil and table olives) - Improve precision in sensory evaluation technique by means of calibration and standard samples. The case of the IOC methods for the classification of the virgin olive oil and the table olives.
  • OC13 - L. Conte (University of Udine, Italy) - Olive oils: looking for reference materials  for an effective international harmonisation of  control methods
  • OC14 - E. Bester (UP ZRS IZO, Slovenia) - Measurement uncertainty in the determination of stigmastadienes in olive oil
  • OC15 - M. Caciotta (Roma Tre University, Italy) - Aromatic stability and degradation of Extra Virgin Olive Oil


14th October 2014 (Rome, EATALY Congress Center)

h.   9:00 - 10:40   – Session 2A “Molecular Biology”

Chairs: G. Manfreda (University of Bologna, Italy), M. Tsimidou (AUTH, Greece)

  • Keynote Lecture KL02 – S. Bustin (Professor at Anglia Ruskin University) - Real-time PCR – a reality check
  • OC16 - F. Pasquali (University of Bologna, Italy) - Novel and rapid molecular method for enumeration of bacterial pathogens contaminating food at low levels
  • OC17 - E. Puglisi (University Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy) - Next generation sequencing for quantitative measurements in food molecular microbiology
  • OC18 - V. Gualdi (PTP, Italy) – Development of PCR‐based methods for authentication and traceability of officinal herb
  • OC19 - A. De Cesare (University of Bologna, Italy) - In field implementation of risk based metrics to promote food safety

h. 10:40 - 11:00   – Coffee Break

h. 11:00 - 12:40   – Session 2B “Analytical Chemistry”

Chairs: I. Castanheira (INSA, Portugal – IMEKO TC23 Chairperson), A. Shehata (NIS, Egypt)

  • Keynote Lecture KL03 – P. De Bièvre (Independent Consultant on Metrology in Chemistry, Belgium) - Thinking, talking, and understanding the same thing in the same way:a difficult but necessary task for the 21st Century
  • OC20 - F. Rolle (INRIM, Italy) - Metrological traceability of PAHs measurements in food matrices
  • OC21 - G. Scortichini (IZS AM, Italy) - Measurement Uncertainty for Dioxins and PCBs by Isotope Dilution Mass Spectrometry
  • OC22 - F. Sanna (CNR IMAMOTER, Italy) - A metrological approach to evaluate epidemiological forecasting models
  • OC23 - R. Leardi (University of Genova, Italy) - Non-selective signals in food analysis

h. 12:40              – Lunch

                           – Poster Session

h. 14:20 - 16:20   – Session 2C “Food Composition and Nutrition”

Chair: R. Charrondiere (FAO-INFOODS, Italy)

  • OC24 - L. Valsta (EFSA, Italy) - Nutrient intake assessment at the European level
  • OC25 - I. Castanheira (INSA, Portugal) - Antioxidant Activity and Characterization of Antioxidants from Argentina Oca
  • OC26 - S. Baima (CRA-NUT, Italy) - from broccoli seeds to in vitro assay of biological effects: a pipeline for nutritional quality evaluation
  • OC27 - S. Westenbrink (RIVM, the Netherlands) - Harmonised European food composition data utilizing standards and best practice
  • OC28 - A. S. Matos (INSA, Portugal) - Correlation of amino acids profile with arsenic accumulation in rice grain (Oryza sativa L.) consumed in Portugal
  • OC29 - S. Salvini (University of Udine, Italy) - NUTRIRETE.lab – a network to collect and store Italian food composition data

h. 16:20 - 16:40   – Coffee Break

h. 16:40 - 17:40   – Session 2D “Sensory Analysis”

Chair: Ma. T. Lopez (AECOSAN, Spain)

  • OC30 - M. Caciotta (Roma Tre University, Italy) - Flavours Correlation Determination by Non Supervised Neural Network in Virgin Olive Oil
  • OC31 - R. Di Sanzo (Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria, Italy) - Honey Floral Classification by Biomimetic Sensors
  • OC32 - A. Miklavčič Višnjevec (UP ZRS IZO, Slovenia) - Sensory analysis, organoleptic properties and polyphenols content of Slovenian olive oils

h. 17:40               – Poster Award Ceremony

h. 18:00               – IMEKO TC23 Meeting

h. 20:30         – Gala Dinner (Residenza di Ripetta, Rome)


15th October 2014 (ENEA Casaccia Research Center)

h.   9:00 - 9:30     – Welcome

h.   9:30 - 11:20   – Session 3A “Food Traceability and Authenticity”

Chairs: F. Camin (FEM, Italy), J. Marques Rodrigues (INMETRO, Brasil)

  • OC33 - C. Durante (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy) - A 
of the 
 87Sr/86Sr values
  • OC34 - S. Yener (FEM, Italy) - Tracing coffee origin by PTR-ToF-MS
  • OC35 - L. Mandrile (INRIM, Italy) - Wine provenience determination using FT-Raman spectroscopy
  • OC36 - R. Petrini (University of Pisa, Italy) - The strontium isotopic systematics applied to Glera musts: a tracer for the authenticity of the Prosecco wine
  • OC37 - L. Bontempo (FEM, Italy) - Characterisation of Italian honeys through the application of mineral elements and stable isotopes analyses

h. 11:20 - 11:40   – Coffee Break

h. 11:40 - 13:00   – Session 3B “Sensors for Food Quality & Safety”

Chair: M. Minunni (University of Firenze, Italy)

  • Invited Lecture IL04 – D. Compagnone (University of Teramo, Italy) - Peptide based e-nose  for food quality and process control
  • OC38 - Y. Roupioz (CEA CREAB, France) - Detection of very low levels food-borne bacteria by culture on a Fluidic-free microsystem
  • OC39 - M. Magliulo (University of Bari, Italy) - Organic bioelectronics: a powerful tool for food control
  • OC40 - D. Moscone (University of Rome "Tor Vergata"Italy), Rapid electrochemical screening methods for food safety and quality

h. 13:00 - 14:00   – Lunch

h. 14:00 - 15:00   – Session 3C “Sensors for Food Quality & Safety”

Chair: M. Minunni (University of Firenze, Italy)

  • OC41 - M. Mirasoli (University of Bologna, Italy) - Multiplexed chemiluminescence-based biosensor for quantification of aflatoxin B1 and type B-fumonisins in maize flour
  • OC42 - D. Centonze (University of Foggia, Italy) - Accurate Glutamate Monitoring in Foodstuffs by a Sensitive and Interference-Free Amperometric Biosensor
  • OC43 - M. Minunni (University of Firenze, Italy) - Affinity sensing for food control

h. 15:00 - 16:00   – Session 3D “Nanoparticles in Food”

Chair: F. Cubadda (ISS, Italy)

  • Invited lecture IL04 – Erik Huusfeldt Larsen (National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark) - Sample Preparation and Detection Methods for Natural or Engineered Nanoparticles in Food
  • OC44 - F. Aureli (ISS, Italy) - Sample Preparation and Detection Methods for the Analytical Determination of Nanoparticles in Food
  • OC45 - S. Grandi (University of Pavia, Italy) - New Analytical Services for nano ingredients

h. 16:00              – Closing Ceremony

                            – Coffee Break

h. 16:30 - 18:00   – Technical visits to the ENEA Laboratories


13rd October 2014

P01 - B. Koleva (EU JRC-IRMM, Belgium) - Certified Reference Material ERM-AC626 "Arsenobetaine in water" – a new calibrant from IRMM

P02 - R.C. Scarlato (INMETRO, Brasil) - Feasibility study for development of reference material in cereal matrix for infant feeding: ash content, water content and protein content

P03 - R. Gatti (ENEA UTAGRI, Italy) - Feasibility study for the development of a Strained Tomatoes-Reference Material to be certified for contaminants from contact materials

P04 - R. Dalipi (University of Brescia, Italy) - TXRF analysis of certified reference materials

P05 - Ma.T. Lopez (AECOSAN, Spain) - Optimization for the accreditation of official control laboratories. Flexible scope accreditation

P06 - M. Ciprotti (EU RL-CEFAO/ISS, Italy) - Freeze dried fish as Proficiency Test material:  a procedure to obtain the planned concentration of endogenous Mercury

P07 - F. Cubadda (ISS, Italy) – Analytical Quality Assurance and Measurement Uncertainty in the Assessment of Bioaccessibility and Speciation of Se in Foods

P08 - T. Gonçalves Albuquerque (INSA, Portugal) - Validation of a gas chromatography method for fatty acids determination: application to bakery products

P09 - V. Nardelli (IZS Foggia, Italy) - validation of an analytical method to determinate coumaphos in honey samples by GC/MS/MS

P10 - L. Cavallarin (CNR ISPA, Italy) - Milk hidden allergen quantification in bakery products by LC-MS/MS validated method

P11 - M. Quinto (University of Foggia,Italy) - Determination of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Water by Microextraction with Packed Sorbent and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Analyses: a Comparison between “Draw-Eject” and “Discard” Methods under Equilibrium Conditions

P12 - L. Ciaccheri (CNR IFAC, Italy) - Honey origin determination by combining Raman Spectroscopy and Elemental Profiles

P13 - A.G. Mignani (CNR IFAC, Italy) - Dispersive Raman spectroscopy at 1064 nm for rapid screening of deoxynivalenol in wheat bran: preliminary results

P14 - V. Lippolis (CNR ISPA, Italy) - Fluorescence Polarisation Immunoassays for rapid determination of T-2 and HT-2 toxins and ochratoxin A in cereals and derived products

P15 - A. De Girolamo (CNR ISPA, Italy) - FT-NIR spectroscopy for rapid analysis of deoxynivalenol in wheat and wheat bran

P16 - M. Perini (FEM, Italy) - Combination of sugar analysis and stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry to detect the use of non-grape sugars in must of balsamic vinegar

P17 - F.C. Simeone (RIKILT, the Netherlands) - Chocolate authentication using Mass-Spectrometry techniques combined with chemometric tools

P18 - L. Mandrile (INRIM, Italy) - Pure and mixed Arabica and Robusta roasted coffee analysis using FT-Raman spectroscopy:  proof of principle

P19 - M. Tomassetti (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy) - Two New Different Enzyme Devices for Ethanol Determination in Alcoholic Beverages. Comparison, Correlation and Statistical Data

P20 - I. Krejčí (College of Polytechnics Jihlava, Czech Republic) - Impedance Spectrometer for Food Quality Control


14th October 2014

P21 - T. Gonçalves Albuquerque (INSA, Portugal) - Vitamin C content in aromatic herbs: a contribution to food composition databases

P22 - M. Ghazizadeh (Canada) - Recipe calculation of eleven Iranian stews (Khoresh)

P23 - C. Palermo (University of Foggia, Italy) - Proteomic Strategies for the Identification of Proteins in Durum Wheat

P24 - M.G. Volpe (CNR ISA, Italy) - Effects of apple de-hydration by innovative technologies on the microstructure and olfactory quality

P25 - V. Melo-Ruiz (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Mexico) - Sensory characteristics affected by storage of Escamoles Liometopum apiculatum M.

P26 - V. Melo-Ruiz (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Mexico) - UMAMI taste and Escamoles ant eggs edible insect palatability

P27 - K. Yoshida (Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc., Japan) - Taste Analysis on Conventionally, Organically and Naturally Grown Cabbage

P28 - L. Conte (University of Udine, Italy) - Head Space – SPME – GC/MS of virgin olive oils as a possible tool to improve sensory evaluation: critical evaluation of analytical data applying peak deconvolution software 

P29 - M. Tsimidou (AUTH, Greece) - Contribution to a descriptive sensory analysis lexicon for the evaluation of commercial balsamic vinegars

P30 - M. Coelho (INSA, Portugal) - Minerals and trace elements contents in fruit juice: a contribution for Portuguese total diet studies

P31 - F. Cubadda (ISS, Italy) – Issues for Harmonization in Dietary Exposure Assessment: Focus on Total Diet Studies

P32 - F. Cubadda (ISS, Italy) - Analytical Quality Assurance in the Determination of Urinary Iodine

P33 - S. Federici (University Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy) - Molecular methods applied for detection of primary and secondary microflora in raw materials for Grana Padano cheese-making process

P34 - F. Venturi (University of Pisa, Italy) - The measure of the evaporation rate to evaluate the different behaviour of wine glasses during tasting

P35 - A. Zinnai (University of Pisa, Italy) - The measurements of the kinetic constants used to describe the  evolution of alcoholic fermentation in model solutions

P36 - O. Ekpe Onot (University of Calabar, Nigeria)  - Optimization of microbial fermentation of Irvingia Gabonensis seeds in “Itugha” production

P37 - D. Breviario (CNR-IBBA, Italy)  - New genetic approaches for automated feed authentication